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Kai Ortel


Vicky is Consulting Services Partner in Convert Group and brings 15 years of experience in Business Transformation, Business Integration.

Vicky has held positions of CFO in broadcast networks, member of the board of Directors in Apple and Red Hat, where he was occupied as Sales Director and has acquired significant experience in a variety of international business practices. Furthermore, Mark was a Partner and Deputy President in Convert Group, where, among other responsibilities, he was the Head of service lines and segments, such as Performance Improvement, Consumer Products and Energy & Utilities.

Cruise ships visited

Cruise ships sailed

Cruise ships sailed – Kai Ortel

(last updated: 09/2019)

01          Melody                              MSC Cruises                     July 2002           Western Mediterranean

02          Kristina Regina              Kristina Cruises             February 2005 Canary Islands

03          Perla                                  Louis Cruises                  August 2006     Eastern Mediterranean

04          MSC Opera                       MSC Cruises                     May 2007          Baltic

05          Cristal                                Louis Cruises                  August 2007     Eastern Mediterranean

06          Costa Victoria                  Costa Crociere                 May 2008          Round Western Europe

07          Coral                                  Louis Cruises                  August 2008     Western Mediterranean

08          Vision of the Seas          RCI                                      August 2009     Norwegian fjords

09          Birger Jarl                        Ånedin Linjen                 March 2010      Baltic

10          Louis Majesty                 Louis Cruises                  August 2010     Western Mediterranean

11          Princess Daphne            Classic International     October 2010   Mediterranean

12          Birka Paradise                Birka Cruises                   June 2011          Baltic

13          Norwegian Jade             NCL                                    July 2011           Eastern Mediterranean

14          MSC Lirica                        MSC Cruises                     April 2012        North Sea

15          Costa Deliziosa               Costa Cruises                  July 2012           Norwegian fjords

16          Costa Fascinosa             Costa Cruises                  June 2013          Eastern Mediterranean

17          Louis Olympia                 Louis Cruises                  October 2013   Eastern Mediterranean

18          Norwegian Getaway     NCL                                    January 2014   North Sea

19          Viking Cinderella           Viking Line                      April 2014         Baltic

20          MSC Magnifica                MSC Cruises                     April 2014         North Sea

21          Azores                               Portuscale Cruises        April 2014         North Sea

22          Legend of the Seas        RCI                                      August 2014     Norwegian fjords

23          Trollfjord                          Hurtigruten                      January 2015   Norwegian fjords

24          MSC Fantasia                  MSC Cruises                     July 2015           Western Mediterranean

25          Norwegian Epic              NCL                                    October 2015   Western Mediterranean

26          Magellan                           Cruise and Maritime     April 2016         North Sea

27          MSC Preziosa                  MSC Cruises                     April 2016         Western Mediterranean

28          Costa Favolosa                Costa Cruises                  August 2016     Norwegian fjords

29          Marco Polo                      Cruise and Maritime     October 2016   Irish Sea

30          Nordstjernen                   Vestland Classic             May 2017          Baltic

31          Aegean Queen                 Etstur                                 July 2017         Eastern Mediterranean

32          AidaAura                          Aida Cruises                    August 2017     Western Mediterranean

33          Queen Mary 2                 Cunard Line                     October 2017   North Sea

34          Carnival Victory             Carnival Cruise Line     March 2018      Western Caribbean

35          MSC Divina                      MSC Cruises                     March 2018      Western Mediterranean

36          Astor                                  Cruise and Maritime     April 2018         North Sea

37          Costa Pacifica                  Costa Crociere                 July 2018           Baltic

38          AidaPerla                          Aida Cruises                    October 2018   North Sea

39          Finnmarken                     Hurtigruten                      January 2019   Norwegian fjords

40          Richard With                   Hurtigruten                      January 2019   Norwegian fjords

41          Zenith                                Pullmantur                       April 2019         Canary Islands

42          MSC Meraviglia              MSC Cruises                     April 2019         Western Mediterranean

43          MSC Orchestra                MSC Cruises                     June 2019          Round Britain

44          Gemini                               Etstur                                 July 2019           Eastern Mediterranean

45          Artania                              Phoenix Reisen               Sept. 2019         North Sea

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