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Advertising on Cruising Journal

Appearing where you really need it

Cruising Journal is an important tool for people who cruise, making it possible to share the experiences of cruise passengers with others and creating an important database of real reviews which are full of comments, advice and information. The user who is looking for news and opinions on ships and cruise lines will find a useful tool for viewing precise and formulated commercial offers for the type of products they are looking for.

Cruising Journal allows for the insertion of exclusive commercial offers for each market, giving the commercial user an exclusive, independent and autonomous way to insert advertising boxes.

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Cruising Journal entrusts its commercial partners with exclusive spaces for the autonomous management of their offers, departure calendars and initiatives. Each cruise line or their representative will have a reserved space they can manage with the utmost autonomy, but always with our technical assistance and consultation available.

  • • A rotating appearance on our Home Page
  • • A rotating appearance in all the sections of our portal
  • • A page reserved for the partner which brings together all the published offers
  • • On the cruise line page, three continuously changing inserts
  • • On the ship page, highlighted before the reviews
  • • On specific articles related to the destination, reports and new ships

Targeted offers, where they are really needed: an additional service for users, an effective opportunity for companies.